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Khalil rules out cabinet formation in the near future, Hashem calls for homogeneous government

Development and Liberation Parliamentary Bloc Secretary-General, MP Anwar El-Khalil, ruled out Saturday a near government formation, stressing "the need for a national unity government that brings all political counterparts together, and one that is in line with the parliamentary elections results."

Speaking during a tour among Al-Arqoub villages in the South marking the Fitr Eid occasion, Khalil pointed to certain obstacles that are on their way to a solution in regards to the cabinet formation.

However, he indicated that this matter will take time, similar to the case of most governments in Lebanon.

"We have called for a government of national unity, which must represent almost all the basic spectrums in the country, but this does not mean the representation of each and every party at all," added Khalil. He explained that there should be a team of opposition to monitor and hold the government accountable, similar to all constitutions and parliaments in the world.

Khalil asserted that both the opposition and pro-government teams are necessary for the State to function properly.

In turn, MP Kassem Hashem hoped for a swift government formation, especially due to the country's tight economic and daily-living conditions.

Hashem also highlighted "the need for a homogenous cabinet and a national unity government.

Source: National News Agency