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Summer work safety campaign launched

A campaign promoting work safety during summer has been launched.

Alba is organising the initiative at its headquarters ahead the implementation of the two-month ban on outdoor work, due to start next week.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Development announced the ban which will be implemented during the months of July and August.

Undersecretary Sabah Salem Al-Dosari took part in the campaign launch ceremony, which was attended also by Alba Chairman Shaikh Duaij bin Salman Al-Khalifa.

The campaign aims at promoting the culture of professional safety at work sites and shedding the light on ways of preventive accidents to provide a safe work environment.

Al-Dosari stressed the importance of the campaign, which complies with the policy adopted by the ministry to promote work safety, avert accidents and protect workers' rights and the interests of companies.

He commended the Alba, chaired by Shaikh Duaij bin Salman Al-Khalifa for its strenuous efforts to develop this national company, citing particularly the 6th smelter.

Source: Bahrain News Agency