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Abadi Meets Heads And Representatives Of The Political Blocs

Baghdad, Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi held a meeting with head and representatives of the political blocs to discuss the general situation in the country.

The press office of prime minister said "the heads of the political blocs agreed on the right of peaceful demonstration and express opinion and understand the legal demands of citizens and work to meet them, expressing their rejection and denouncing trespass that happened on public and private properties and state institutions and attacking security forces that liberated the land from terrorism and still chasing the terrorist cells.

They confirmed their support to the security forces in their endeavor to maintain the security in the country and order and the need to take legal permissions to demonstrate and set the time and place and party as well as commit to the peaceful demonstration.

The political forces stressed the need to speed forming a committee to follow up government procedures for urgent reforms to secure urgent solutions for problems of administration and services and hit the corruption to grantee better performance for government institutions to meet the urgent citizens' needs.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency