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Hajjar rules out dispute over prerogatives, deadlines in forming cabinet

MP Mohammed Hajjar on Thursday denied talk about a dispute over prerogatives and deadlines vis-A�-vis the cabinet formation process, noting that the President's statement was more than clear concerning the fact that the cabinet formation is not limited within a certain deadline.

"Cabinet formation is a shared responsibility between President Michel Aoun and PM-designate Saad Hariri as per Article 53 of the Constitution," Hajjar said in an interview with the Voice of Lebanon radio station.

The lawmaker went on to note that there were no developments concerning the cabinet formation dossier, especially with the high political ceilings and the demands of political parties.

"Hariri is adamant on the inevitability of reaching agreement on a new government, and he hopes there will be facilitation by the concerned political forces," he said.

Source: National News Agency