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Russia Confirms Its Support For Iraq And Its Aspiration To Form A Government Meets The Aspirations Of Iraqi People

Baghdad, The Russian Federation confirmed its support to the Iraqi government and people and their aspiration to form a government that meets the aspirations of the Iraqi people.

A statement for the ministry of foreign affairs said "The Iraqi ambassador to Moscow, Haider al-Athari, met with the special envoy of Russian President for the Middle East and North Africa Mikhail Bogdanov, who stressed that Russia supports the Iraqi government and people and looks forward to the formation of an Iraqi government as soon as possible to meet the aspirations of the Iraqi people. And maintain the gains achieved by the current Iraqi government, the most important of which is the victory over terrorism, (Daesh) and maintain the territorial integrity of Iraq, especially after the referendum of the Kurdistan region in September last year. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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