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Abadi: Iraq Needs $ 67 Per Barrel Of Oil To Cover The Basic Services .. Without Projects

BAGHDAD, Prime Minister Haider Abadi said that "Iraq needs $ 67 as price of oil to cover basic services ... without projects."

"Oil prices have risen and Iraq is now selling at $ 64 a barrel. In order to pay for the basic state expenditures, we need a price of $ 67 without projects," Abadi told a weekly news conference.

He added: "We continue to meet with our people to listen to the demands and respond to them through measures in the service sectors and provide job opportunities, and to strengthen loans of housing and projects in all governorates with privacy to some of them."

Abadi continued: "We will not wait to hold accountable any official who is corrupt and did not fulfill his duty properly," noting that "the waste of state funds is part of corruption."

The prime minister pointed that the government continues to fight terrorism and its sleeper cells near the border with Syria and inside, in addition to the ongoing operations in Diyala, Salah al-Din and Kirkuk to eliminate terrorism completely."

He said: "There are Baath cells in the south, which is part of the great campaigns of disinformation riding waves including Daesh terrorist, and it is subversive party," noting the presence of 111 infiltrators in recent demonstrations provoked by certain parties," he did not name.

Regarding cutting Internet service, Abadi explained: "The net was not cut, but only one day, and there is a huge freedom to use it not seen in most democratic countries. And there are two opinions about it, one of them with absolute freedom, and the other calls for the state to exercise control on it."

He added "the Cabinet discussed the adoption of rapid measures to provide employment opportunities for the unemployed, and the government continues to hold meetings with citizens to receive their requests and respond to them."

Abadi said that many of the service directorates have been transferred with their financial allocations to the provinces two years ago, and allocated funds to finance water projects in Basra and Dhi Qar, pointing out: "The decline in allocations of the provinces was due to declining revenues due to the collapse of oil prices."

He stressed that: "We will not tolerate any official prove his shortcomings in the performance of his duty," he said, adding that "the cabinet approved the formation of a supreme committee membership of the Board of Supreme Audit and the Integrity Commission to hold negligent officials in the provinces.

Abadi noted that the dismissal of some ministers will come within the future legal and constitutional powers.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency