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Democratic Gathering deplores Sweida attacks, calls for swift government formation

Democratic Gathering" bloc categorically deplored the terrorist attacks that targeted Syria's Sweida province, offering condolences to the families of fallen martyrs.

"Democratic Gathering" bloc on Wednesday met in session at Clemenceau residence, under the chairmanship of MP Teymour Jumblatt, to broach most recent developments in Lebanon and the broader region.

The Gathering wondered how Daesh could arrive so quickly to the region, calling for cementing ranks in Sweida. The Gathering also urged Russia to protect the honorable Arab Druze from such attacks.

Turning to the recently endorsed Israeli Knesset's nation-state law, the Gathering stressed the seriousness of this "racist and catastrophic" project and its repercussions on the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Palestinian cause.

In this framework, the Gathering called on the Lebanese leadership collectively to reject such a law and unite position in support of the Palestinian cause.

On the government formation process, the bloc renewed its call to speed up such a process, and called for rising above instinctive discourse and adopting the language of reason, logic and realism in addressing ministerial demands in accordance with clear standards.

The bloc also welcomed the current orientation to legislate the cultivation of Hashish (Cannabis) for medical use, underlining the need to regulate this agriculture through a law with specific controls and accurate application mechanisms.

Source: National News Agency