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Gemayel thanks Russia’s interest in displaced persons file, calls for clear Lebanese vision thereon

Head of the Kataeb Party, MP Sami Gemayel, thanked Russia for its interest in the file of displaced Syrians, especially those residing in Lebanon.

"Since my visit to Moscow last October and raising the issue of displaced Syrians and the importance of Russian assistance to Lebanon in securing their return to their homes through Russian intervention in Syria, Moscow has shown commitment to providing help in this regard, through to the current Russian delegation visit to Lebanon, and Moscow's announcement that it will raise the issue of the return of displaced Syrians at the UN Security Council meeting."

Gemayel wished the Lebanese government would take advantage of the Russian initiative and provide a clear Lebanese vision for solving this issue, under the ceiling of higher Lebanese interest, away from sectarian interests and the service of foreign policies that do little to Lebanon, its stability and its people."

Source: National News Agency