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Protesters north of Basra cut off the road leading to West Qurna oilfield / 1

Basra, A number of citizens in the area of Imam al-Sadiq belonging to the Al-Medaina district of north of Basra, cut the road leading to the eighth station in West Qurna / 1 to demand the employment of the unemployed.

An informed source told the correspondent of the (NINA) Agency that the protesters have cut off the road in front of West Qurna field / 1 leading to the oil fields to demand the employment of the unemployed in the oil companies located near their regions instead of foreign workers.

He pointed out that the sit-in will remain open until the implementation of their legitimate demands.

The source pointed out that there are negotiations between the protesters and the security forces to open the road leading to the field "until their demands are brought to the concerned authorities for consideration.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency