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The Army And The PMF Discuss Joint Coordination To Protect Border Crossings With Syria

BAGHDAD, The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) and the army stressed the importance of joint coordination to protect border crossings, while agreeing to strengthen cooperation to secure Tel Sfuk border port with Syria.

A statement for the PMF said "The deputy commander of the 28th Brigade, Sabah al-Mousavi met with the deputy commander of the 15th division of the army in the border area of Tel Sfuk and discussed with him increasing coordination and cooperation." adding that "the latter valued the security and logistical efforts of the popular mobilization forces, In repelling the criminal exposures of Daesh .

It is mentioned that "The forces of the 28th Brigade in the popular mobilization maintain Tel Sfuk border between Iraq and Syria a year and a half ago, where dozens of different attacks launched by Daesh militants were repulsed.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency