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Saudi National Discovers New Protein Causing Heart Stroke, Designs Compound to Avoid it

Riyadh, Dr. Khalid Al-Sahli, a member of the Medical Services Department, at the Ministry of Interior and a member of the comprehensive clinics of the security forces, in Jizan, succeeded in registering a new achievement, after discovering a new brand protein.

The protein forms, in channels of communication between platelets, in turn helps adhesion of platelets and the occurrence of clots by the transfer of some signs to stimulate occurrence of strokes.

During the course of his doctoral study, Al-Sahli succeeded in designing a compound and for the first time prevented the occurrence of such a contact, in the clotting process, and carried out large research, both on human and animal, and the ability of this compound to reduce the size of clots to about 65 to 75% of the British Heart Association, and a pharmaceutical company wanted to collaborate with him, for further research related to the his findings.

Source: Saudi Press Agency