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Oil experts And Consultants In Basra Discuss The Law Of The National Oil Company

Basra, Consultants, specialists and oil experts discussed "the law of the National Oil Company" in a workshop set up by the Committee of Oil and Gas in Basra Provincial Council "in the presence of specialists and directors of oil departments in the province.

The head of the oil and gas committee in the provincial council of Basra Ali Shaddad Al-Fares said in a press statement that "this workshop comes by Basra Provincial Council to study the law and benefit from the views of experts and specialists in this area. "

He added that the province of Basra is one of the most important oil producing provinces in Iraq and as a result, a real representative of the local government should be in the Board of Directors of the National Oil Company in addition to the diagnosis of some observations on the legal texts of the company.

He explained that some articles in the law of the National Oil Company restrict the management of the company and the law stipulates the approval of the Council of Ministers on most of the decisions taken by the company, indicating that these restrictions reduce the freedom of the company and not give enough space to make important decisions.

Pointing out that the workshop came out with a set of recommendations, the most important of which is the need to have the headquarters of the company in the province of Basra similar to similar experiences of the Middle East and American countries and Europe.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency