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The assassination of a prominent Syrian Scientist in a huge explosion shook the city of Musayaf in central Syria

BAGHDAD, A powerful explosion rocked the eastern city of Musayaf on Friday evening in Hama district in central Syria.

"Dr. Aziz Esber, the Director of Scientific Research in the city, and his driver were killed as a result of the explosion that targeted their car, while a third person appeared to be a civilian who was present at the site," Sputnik " news Agency reported.

Local sources in the city of Musayaf said that "the explosion was caused by a traffic accident which hit a car loaded with ammunition on a rough road east of the city, in view of the intensity of the explosion that shook the entire city."

Israeli aircraft raided in September in 2017 from Lebanese airspace on the Scientific Research Center in the area of Musayaf in the western suburb of Hama, killing two people and causing considerable material damage.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency