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Dawa Party: US sanctions against Iran … An arrogance and tyranny practiced by unfair force against peoples

BAGHDAD, The Islamic Dawa Party considered the US sanctions against Iran a "hypocrisy and tyranny of unfair power against peoples," it said, stressing its "condemnation and rejection of the unjust sanctions imposed by President Trump against the Islamic Republic of Iran."

"All free governments in the world, especially the governments of Islamic countries, must reject these unjust punishments, which are contrary to the most basic principles of human rights, which deny and criminalize the starvation and oppression of peoples," the party said in a statement.

"We in Iraq have already tasted the bitterness and cruelty of the sanctions, the unjust economic blockade imposed on it, and the high price it paid. The United States of America was at the head of the countries that imposed it ," the party said in a statement.

He called on all freedom-loving peoples to reject such unjust decisions, to resist them, and not to allow any force to exercise their arrogance and tyranny against peoples. God is a supporter of the oppressed, and He is the conqueror above his slaves.

A first batch of sanctions, which the United States decided to re-impose on Iran, entered into force on Tuesday aimed at exerting economic pressure on Tehran.

Washington has re-imposed tough sanctions on Iran after US President Donald Trump withdrew his country in May from a landmark agreement on Iran's nuclear program signed in 2015.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency