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Dergham: Hariri remains our first choice for PM

The choice of 'Strong Lebanon' parliamentary bloc for Prime Minister hasn't changed and remains to be Saad Hariri, but we cannot wait indefinitely," MP Assaad Dergham said on Thursday.

"Whoever thinks that sabotaging the government can sabotage the tenure is mistaken," he added, imploring the Prime Minister to initiate with a primary formula.

"Initiating with a primary political formula could determine whether the elements obstructing the formation of the cabinet are strictly Lebanese or external," the lawmaker explained.

"There is nothing preventing the Prime Minister-designate and MP Gebran Bassil from meeting when any new updates to the cabinet dossier occur.

The delay in the formation of the cabinet could impair the country, especially considering the deteriorating economic situation," Dergham clarified.

Source: National News Agency