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Minister of Justice : Our judiciary proceedings are fair and we reject any interference in the affairs of our country

Riyadh, The Minister of Justice, President of Supreme Judicial Council Sheikh Dr. Walid bin Mohammed Al-Samaani, said in response to statements made by the Canadian Foreign Minister and her country's embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on what she called the civil society activists who were arrested in the Kingdom and urged the Kingdom to release them immediately and her blatant and unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom , "We categorically reject any interference from any party in the affairs of our country, especially in the judiciary, which we stress its independence."

He stressed that the Saudi judiciary gives all defendants, including those charged with terrorism, all guarantees required by fair trial procedures, starting from the trial of the accused before an independent court and before his judge in public trials, the defendant has the right to appoint a lawyer, and to see all documents and records of the accused, while Ministry of Justice provides costs of lawyers for those who do not have the material capacity.

He explained that the judicial system in the Kingdom gives the accused the right to object to the rulings issued by methods prescribed for the objection. The system ensures his right to just compensation for the harm he suffered if he is acquitted.

Dr. Al-Samaani noted that the Kingdom has nothing to hide in terrorism cases or in other cases. "We have what we are proud to announce that the judiciary in the Kingdom deals with criminal trials, including terrorism cases like other trials, and applies all fair trial standards", he said .

He stressed that criminal justice in the Kingdom fully complies with the rules of legal evidence in terms of only the evidence presented in the case and the principle of presumption of innocence of the accused, in addition to granting the sentenced person the right to object the sentence against him.

Source: Saudi Press Agency