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Army Chief during retired officers’ honoring ceremony: Army will remain an ‘immune dam’ to every aggressor

Lebanese Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, stressed Saturday on the Lebanese Armed Forces' continued role as the country's "immune dam" to any aggressor.

"The Army will remain the guarantor of the security and safety of the Lebanese, and the dam against any aggressor, be it the Israeli enemy or the terrorist enemy, whatever the costs and sacrifices," Aoun reassured.

His words came during the ceremony honoring retired army officers held at the General Najm Hall in Yarzeh today.

Praising the Army's relentless efforts in defense of Lebanon against the Israeli enemy and terrorism, Aoun said, "The military establishment is a continuity, a generation passing on to another generation to keep the flame lit...Be proud of what you have achieved because it was the crossing bridge between these generations, and keep the confidence that the message you have conveyed is our concern and goal."

"We promise you that we will remain faithful to this message," concluded the Army Chief.

Source: National News Agency