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Riachy: Rural development, promotion of food industries our responsibility and duty

The Mount Lebanon Wineries held Saturday for the second consecutive year their wine festival in the courtyard of "Our Lady's Church" in Bologna in Metn, under the patronage and presence of Caretaker Information Minister Melhem Riachy, with the participation of Ambassador Bilal Qabalan representing Caretaker Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Minister, Gibran Bassil.

Speaking during the event, Riachy said that the development of rural areas and the strengthening of food industries were the responsibility and duty of all parties.

"The development of the countryside and the promotion of food industries, especially the wine, cheese, dairy, farms, apples and all food industries are our responsibility," Riachy underscored.

"We will work hand-in-hand to achieve the best for this region and for its sons without discrimination or exception," he added.

Finally, Riachy likened the emptiness of the countryside in "winter" as in "summer" because of the difficult economic situation of its inhabitants.

Source: National News Agency