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The Lebanese World Cultural Association organized Wednesday, in collaboration with "Together We Build" Association, a cultural heritage day in the Keserwan region.

This initiative falls within the framework of a cultural program that includes cooperation between Lebanese emigrants and residents' bodies on the discovery of Lebanese cultures and the interaction of civilizations in all regions of Lebanon with different religious and social affiliations.

The program aims for fellow Lebanese to discover each other, both residents and emigrants, as partners in building their country and working to activate their shared historical memories that bring them closer together in their mutual sufferings of migration, wars, struggle and identity.

A number of cultural activists in local and international associations working with the organizing bodies from Lebanon, Africa, Italy and France joined the cultural day. The program included visits to national cultural, historical, handicraft, heritage and tourist sites that reflect the richness of our towns and villages, especially in the Keserwan region.

Source: National News Agency

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