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Daesh killed 21 cows in retaliation for the villagers of the agricultural village near Al-Edhaim for refusing to cooperate with the organization

Baquba, The local council in Al-Edhaim area in the province of Diyala found 21 cows were killed by Daesh gangs on the border between Diyala and Salah Al-Din.

Head of the Local Council for Al-Edhaim area Mohammed al-Obeidi told the Iraqi National News Agency (NINA) today that Daesh gangs has killed 21 cows after being stolen from an agricultural field near the village of Mubarak al-Farhan near the border between the provinces of Diyala and Salah al-Din.

He added that the crime came in retaliation for the people of the village because of their refusal to cooperate with Daesh gangs and took up arms to fight the organization alongside the security forces, stressing that the Daesh organization failed to achieve its desired to return to the liberated border areas.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency