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Strong storm rips off roofs, blocks streets in Slovakia, Poland

Bratislava, People in Poland and Slovakia woke up to houses with their roofs torn off and blocked streets on Saturday morning after a strong storm pummelled through with heavy rain overnight.

According to dpa, southern and eastern Poland were especially hit, with local broadcasters showing massive clean-up efforts on Saturday. No injuries or deaths have been reported due to the storm.

One resident in the town of Sierzputy-Marki in the eastern Polish region of Podlasie recalled coming back from work to find that the roof of her house was missing, while another described how huge trees were snapped like matchsticks and the sky was so dark it was difficult to see.

Some 4,500 people were without power on early Saturday afternoon. In northern Poland, a massive mudslide blocked a regional train line, according to broadcaster TVP.

Source: Saudi Press Agency