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Geagea: Government will be formed

Lebanese Forces Party Leader, Samir Geagea, stressed on Saturday evening that the government would eventually be formed, calling on political counterparts to rise above personal interests for the country's sake.

Geagea's stance came during the annual dinner held by the Lebanese Forces Party for the Gulf Province, in the presence of Caretaker Minister of Information Melhem Riachy, and attended by scores of party dignitaries and figures.

"Once the government is formed, bold decisions must be made to embark on radical reforms in order to lift the country from today's conditions to a completely promising situation," Geagea noted.

LF leader also deemed that the current situation in Lebanon is not that bad, saying, "Some believe that the situation in Lebanon is hopeless, but this is not true, and some people think that the country's economy is in a bad state, and this is not true also, because we can get out of this situation with a little political will.

Finally, Geagea underscored the importance of addressing the urgent problems and crises after the formation of the government, starting with the electricity dossier to tax evasion.

Source: National News Agency