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Hariri receives Mushikiwabo

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri received today at the Center House the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Rwanda, Louise Mushikiwabo.

After the meeting, Minister Mushikiwabo said: "It is my pleasure to be here in Lebanon. I came to meet the highest authorities of the country in the context of my candidacy to the post of General Secretary of the International Organization of la Francophonie. I am very honored by the welcome, not only by the authorities who have all been available, but also from the Lebanese people who is very welcoming.

I am the candidate of Africa. Before the summit that signals the selection of the Secretary General in October in Armenia, it was important for me, as an African, to come to Lebanon, a country that represents Francophonie in this part of the world, a country very much linked to the French-speaking world by history.

Nevertheless, as an African, the Lebanese are our brothers, they are everywhere in Africa and we were often close to them.

Therefore, beyond the state structures, there is also this social and fraternal bond that made me absolutely want to make this visit.

I just met with the Prime Minister, I met with the Speaker of the Parliament this morning, I will be received by the President of the Republic and I will have a discussion with my colleague and brother the minister of foreign affairs. I appreciate very much the availability and kindness that I found here in Beirut.

I am candidate for the Francophonie to revitalize the organization. We are an important organization, which presents a very rich diversity across all continents. I have the ambition to raise our organization to a level where we matter more on the world exchequer, for the international issues. But also, and it is one of the reasons of my presence in the countries before the summit, turn it into an organization that is more by the side its members, governments and states.

Therefore, it is within this context that I came to Lebanon. I was very honored by the availability and the kindness. I do not doubt the support of Lebanon for my candidacy but I will take the time to return to this beautiful country and to work more on details and listen from the authorities of the country to Lebanon's expectations regarding our common organization."

Hariri also received the Ambassador of Denmark, Svend Waever, who came on a farewell visit.

Source: National News Agency