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Hattab: The Next Few Days Are Crucial To Announce The Largest Bloc .. No agreement So Far Between Blocs Of The National Axis About It

Baghdad, "The next few days and before the end of the constitutional period to hold the new parliament session is crucial to announce the largest bloc," said Hatem al-Hattab, head of the political bureau of the Sa'iroon alliance.

He told NNA "the next two or three days, will be decisive for a clear vision of where the alliances and their details are going to be in the presence of serious dialogues with the Kurds and the national axis, which are going in a clear way,".

"The delegation that arrived in Arbil today is part of this movement within the constitutional periods because September 2, the parliament must be held and we hope that the dialogues of the next few days will result in serious consequences for them."

As for the joining of the National Axis to the Alliance, he said "the national axis does not represent one case, which is more than one formation, there are differences and a great difference of views and positions within it to where this bloc goes or there is no full agreement within it."

The political blocs are still in discussions about the formation of the largest bloc. On this basis, a delegation from the nucleus of the largest bloc arrived in Erbil this morning.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency