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Sarraf: Dissociation policy implies staying away from crises and wars

Caretaker National Defense Minister, Yaacoub al-Sarraf, on Monday said that the dissociation policy implies staying away from crises and wars.

"Our attachment to our land and identity makes us stronger and more resilient and united around our strong President," Minister Sarraf said, voicing full faith in President Aoun's sturdy wisdom and unyielding national positions, in addition to his constant pursuit of Lebanon's supreme interests.

"The interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese entails being solely attached to our land and the building of our future to protect our country from any greedy enemy or interventions that might destabilize the nation, disrupt the current tenure or delay the birth of government and projects," Sarraf corroborated.

The Minister said: "It is our right to work for the interest of Lebanon," Sarraf maintained, adding that the policy of dissociation implies staying away from crises and wars.

Source: National News Agency

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