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Amiri Calls On Winning Blocs To Hold A Meeting To Form The Principles And Foundations Of The Next Stage

Baghdad, The head of the Fatah Alliance, Secretary General of the Badr Organization Hadi Amiri called on winning blocs to hold a meeting to form the principles and foundations of the next phase.

“We have been able to move away from the sectarian trench in the formation of the next government,” Amiri said, pointing out that “there should be meetings of all winning blocs in order to form principles and foundations in the next phase.”

He stressed the need to “be the first meeting in the presence of everyone until it is agreed on a good start in parliament,” noting that “the largest bloc is the one obtains the signature of all the MPs.”

“We will continue to attract everyone to form the largest bloc,” he said.

He stressed the need for the new government to provide services to citizens throughout the country.

“The Iraqi people do not think of the larger or smaller bloc, but they want national people,” he said.

“We cannot eliminate terrorism without eliminating corruption and corrupt,” he said, adding that “security must be in our eyes so that sleeping cells cannot move.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency