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Maliki Calls On Heads And MPs Of Political Blocs To Go To Parliament To Form A Competent And Sincere Govt

BAGHDAD, The head of the state of law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki called on heads the political blocs and MPs to go to parliament in order to form efficient and sincere government.

“I call upon the brothers, the heads and MPs of the political blocs, to stay away from the media disputes, abuses and mutual accusations and to miss the chances of national achievement,” he said in a tweet on his Twitter website.

Maliki addressed the heads and deputies of the political blocs saying: “You have to go to the House of Representatives in spirit of the new phase and work together to accelerate the formation of a competent and sincere government and to provide services as soon as possible.”

“The waiting of Iraqis should be long, as they are suffering from the lack of daily life services in Basra and other provinces.” He added.

“All the brothers have learned that their election amidst these difficult circumstances came in order to advance the tasks through a positive atmosphere and practical results that touch the needs of citizens and establish political stability and cut the road to the corrupt and prevent the return of terrorism in a new dress.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency