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Aoun, French Senators tackle environmental initiative for Tripoli

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, informed members of the French Senate who visited him at the Baabda Palace this Wednesday that he “pays special attention to the environment in Lebanon and the importance of preserving it and encouraging projects that protect biodiversity and natural resources which have become under direct threat due to neglect, on the one hand, and lack of attention to safe and modern waste treatment, on the other hand.”
He underscored the importance of education in schools and universities “to encourage students since childhood to respect the environment,” pointing out that “the national economic plan gives the environmental issue a key space, so as to keep pace with the process of advancement.”
The president also stressed the importance of bilateral and multilateral cooperation to protect the environment, especially the initiative by members of the French Senate to organize a symposium in Paris on September 10 to dwell on environmental issues, especially in the city of Tripoli.
The delegation members underlined the need to fight pollution, pointing out that their goal is to work with the association “We Are Tripoli” and the city’s figures to render Tripoli an ecological capital par excellence, as it is as an economic capital.

On a different note, President Aoun received a delegation of the Amal movement comprised of caretaker Finance Minister, Ali Hassan Khalil, MP Ali Bazzi and lawyer Ali Abdullah, who invited the Head-of-State to attend the ceremony to be held next Friday in Baalbek on the 40th commemoration of the vanishing of Imam Moussa al-Sadr and his companions.

Source: National News Agency