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PIF Announces FII 2018 Advisory Board 2 Riyadh

Victor Chu, Chairman & CEO, First Eastern Investment Group and member of the FII 2018 advisory board also commented: “The 2017 edition of the Future Investment Initiative was a great success in helping bridge the gap between East and West. It brought together thought and business leaders from around the world to share their views on current and future global issues. This is now an unmissable event for those wishing to have a better understanding of our rapidly globalizing world.”
Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global and member of the FII 2018 advisory board said: “Last year’s inaugural Future Investment Initiative made it clear that this is an essential stop on the global business calendar, particularly for anyone interested in a truly international perspective on innovations and forward thinking from all parts of the world. Since then, the pace of change has only accelerated, making an even stronger case for how vital this unique gathering of leaders is for advancing our human potential. And I’m very much looking forward to working with the FII 2018 team to shape an agenda that not only showcases the best emerging ideas but helps us take meaningful action on a global scale.”
The programme for FII 2018 will include:
* Expert-led debates and discussions to explore the world’s most important economic trends;
* Three summits looking at new healthcare frontiers, immersive technologies and the urban future;
* Twelve cross-sector taskforces designed to explore emerging business and investment trends, and early-stage growth opportunities.
Further updates on the 2018 program, partners and speakers will be announced over the coming months, with further information available at

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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