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IHEC: We Conducted The Elections Despite All Difficulties And We Will Prosecute Those Who Accused Us Of Forgery

BAGHDAD, The official spokesman for the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC ), Karim Tamimi confirmed that the Commission held the elections despite all the difficulties and deliberately modify its law two months before the date.

Al-Tamimi told a news conference: “There have been attempts to re-election, especially after the occupation of Daesh to some provinces, in addition to other challenges.”

He added: “The national task in the elections makes us to work day and night, for conducting in the presence of electronic devices at home and 21 countries.”

The spokesman pointed out that “the major obstacle was the vote of the displaced and the large movement of population in several provinces, in addition to the subject of the Kurdistan province and the referendum in which the Commission and with the efforts of all its staff have completed the elections despite the circumstances and challenges.”

Al-Tamimi said: “The preliminary results were announced within 48 hours and the parliament amended the law several times, and judges were appointed for the re-counting and the results were announced and ratified by the court, which was identical to what was announced by the Commission. ”

Al-Tamimi expressed his surprise to the decision of the Council of Ministers to continue the suspension of the work of the Council and said: “There are future elections. And we have not received a formal decision so far and we will take legal action upon its arrival.”

He stressed that “the Commission so far contributed to the constitutional process and was able to hold elections, especially in Mosul and Kirkuk, Salahuddin and Anbar, and contributed to maintain the constitutional date.”

Tamimi added that “the third amendment to Law No. 45 of 2013 stressed that the Council of Commissioners proceed its work after the completion of the work of judges.”

He stressed “After the parliament passed the electoral law, each party should ally with another must register in the commission, and it will continue for four years,” he added. “the matter does not concern only the largest bloc, and any alliance that does not register to the commission has no legal status.”
Tamimi said,” The Commission has a tendency to raise cases against those accused of forgery, and that will be in a few days. ”

He concluded by saying: “We hope that the decision will be reversed, and the parliament is concerned with the Commission in all respects, and Council of Ministers have to refer the file to the next parliament to take what it sees fit.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency