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“Alwane” to hold conference

Manama, Alwane Bahrain Society announced its intention to hold a conference themed at The role of women in promoting Bahraini-Saudi economic cooperation, hosting speakers from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia later this month.

Ammar Awachi, chairman of Alwane Society, said that this conference aims to discuss best ways in promoting Bahrain among Saudi families and specifically Saudi women, raising cooperation between Saudi businesswomen and their Bahraini counterparts into joint ventures and Establishing more Bahraini Businesses capable of meeting Saudi Businesswomen's needs after structural changes in the Saudi economy, such as education, training, etc.

This conference will discuss all questions of mutual interests about the Bahraini economy sectors that will benefit from allowing Saudi women to drive; Such as hospitality, health, automotive and service sectors. How can these sectors be developed to be more responsive to the needs and requirements of Saudi women?In addition to knowing how this decision could be reflected on Bahraini business leaders and women after they have been able to drive their own car in Saudi Arabia. Said Awachi

Awachi pointed out that this seminar comes within the framework of the implementation of the strategy of the Alwani Bahrain in organising seminars, events, programs, workshops, training courses, educational exhibitions and awareness raising. The objectives and energies of the National Plan for the Advancement of Bahraini Women, inspired by the directions and strategies of the Supreme Council for Women in the field of activating the capacities of women and raising their contribution to the process of sustainable development.

Source: Bahrain News Agency