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85% of Arab pilgrims already left, reports pilgrims authority

Makkah, Arab Countries Pilgrims Circumambulation Foundation announced today that 85% out of more than 282,000 pilgrims coming from 19 Arab countries have already left the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's territories.

In a statement, the authority, in charge of settling and guiding Arab pilgrims during Hajj seasons, said that those who have already departed amounted, as of today, to 242,000, with more than 100,000 left via Jeddah city using its King Abdulaziz international airport or Islamic Port while as many as 92,000 left through Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah-based Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz international airport.

Departees using land outlets, usually used by pilgrims coming from Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Oman and Yemen, reached 46,000, the statement said, adding that around 40,000 who are still lagging behind are expected to leave within the coming two weeks as the 15th Muharram 1440 H. is the deadline for pilgrims to leave back home.

Bidding pilgrims farewell before leaving their camps to their departing points, teams of the Arab Countries Pilgrims Circumambulation Foundation, led by the foundation's chairman Eng. Abbas Gattan, his deputy Mohammed Maajeeni, managed to provide them with gifts, roses, Zamzam water and some snacks and beverages as a gesture of warm valediction.

Source: Saudi Press Agency