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Demonstrators in Zubayr set fire in tires in protest at the killing of demonstrators and demanding better services

Basra, Dozens of people from the Zubayr district west of Basra on Wednesday in front of the building to protest against the killing of a number of demonstrators yesterday in the center of the province, amid tight procedures and deployment of security forces.

" "The Head of the district of Zubayr Abbas Maher al-Saidi told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that a peaceful demonstration organized by a number of citizens and set fire to the tires in protest at the killing and wounding of a number of demonstrators in yesterday demonstrations in front of the building of the province," he said, adding that they also called for a solution to the water crisis and improve the reality of services In the district.

Al- Saidi pointed that the security forces deployed in the district in anticipation of any emergency gets against the background of the situation witnessed by the province during the demonstrations.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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