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Khalid Al-Obeidi Officially Decides To Run For Speaker Of Parliament

Baghdad, The head of Nasr coalition list in Nineveh, Khalid al-Obeidi decided to nominate for the post of Speaker of the House of Representatives as a settlement candidate to resolve differences.

"Obeidi's decision to run for Speaker of parliament came as a result of political pressure to nominate himself," his office said in a statement.

The statement added, "Khalid al-Obeidi may be considered a suitable person for a new political stage and a candidate for a settlement that will resolve the differences and the ongoing races in the political arena,"

The head of the age, Mohamed Ali Zinni, decided to resume parliamentary sessions on Saturday by voting on selecting new president of the parliament and his two deputies. He received the names of eight candidates for the presidency of the House of Representatives, and they are Osama Nujaifi, Talal Zobaie, Mohamed al-Halbusi, Mohammed Tamim, Ahmed Jubouri, Rashid Al-Azzawi, Ahmed Jubouri (Abu Mazen), and Mohammed al-Khalidi.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency