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Kabbara on course of STL: Without justice, law of jungle becomes norm

Caretaker Labor Minister, Mohammad Kabbara, said as commenting on the course of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon on Wednesday that void of the logic of justice, the law of the jungle would become the norm.

"Therefore, the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri must be the dividing line between the time of assassinations and organized crime and the time of law and justice," Kabbara said.

"The assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri aimed at destroying Lebanon's entity and killing the Lebanese people's hope of enjoying a homeland ruled by law," the Minister added.

"It has been 13 years since the assassination crime. The murderers might have thought that they were above accountability, that people would forget, and that the crime would go unpunished like other crimes. However, facts have proven that the Lebanese want to unveil the truth via demanding justice and punishment," he maintained.

He concluded by saying that Prime Minister Saad Hariri has demonstrated the same concepts of his late father Rafik Hariri. "They are engraved in his conscience, so look not for revenge, but for truth and justice."

Source: National News Agency