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Bou Assi from Labweh says national economy no longer tolerates 1.5 million refugees

Caretaker Social Affairs Minister, Pierre Bou Assi, on Thursday warned that Lebanon's infrastructure and national economy could no longer handle the burden of 1.5 million refugees.

"We have tried to obtain unconditional support from the international community. The support was minimal, but it is their duty to help us," he said during an inspection tour to follow up on his Ministry's projects in Baalbek - Hermel, funded by international donors as part of a program to support Lebanese host communities.

Bou Assi also stressed his attachment to the Bekaa, deeming it a major part of Lebanese territory "which unfortunately suffers a bad situation."

He finally pushed for national cooperation in support of the Bekaa, and highlighted the importance of finding new markets for Lebanese products.

Source: National News Agency