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Posts published in “Day: September 15, 2018”

البرنامج الرائد من مؤسسة قطر يحتفل بعشر سنوات من الابتكار

 “نجوم العلوم” يبث موسمه الجديد على عدة قنوات عربية الدوحة، قطر، 16 سبتمبر 2018:احتفالاً بمرور عقد حافل من الابتكار في العالم العربي، يعود برنامج تلفزيون الواقع “نجوم العلوم“-أحد مبادرات مؤسسة قطر-إلى شاشات المنطقة العربية. وسيبدأ البرنامج التعليمي الرائد في العالم العربي موسمه العاشر بتاريخ 22 سبتمبر. ولمشاهدة بيانات المالتى ميديا الصحفية تفضل بالضغط على الرابط […]

Jolywood Wins Technology Innovation Award at AsiaSolar 2018

SHANGHAI, Sept. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Jolywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co. Ltd. (Jolywood), the world’s leading supplier of N-type high efficiency bifacial solar cells and modules, has won the 2018 Asian Photovoltaic Innovative Technology Award presented by the AsiaSolar Expo in Shanghai (the “Expo”). Together with other big names in the PV industry, Jolywood’s technology represents […]

World DRL Championship 2018 Concludes in KSA

Jeddah, The 3rd World Drones Racing League (DRL) Championship for 2018, organized by the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones (SFCPD), has concluded its activities here this evening.The world event was hosted by Jeddah-based King ...

A Leader In Daesh Arrested In A Security Operation In Kirkuk

BAGHDAD, Federal police forces arrested a leader in the so-called soldiers of caliphate of the Tigris State in a security operation in Kirkuk."A force from the second division of the federal police arrested the terrorist named Abu Raghad Ali, a militar...

BRCS marks World First Aid Day

Manama, Secretary-General of the Bahrain Red Crescent Society (BRCS) Dr. Fawzi Amin said that the BRCS's celebration of World First Aid Day is a part of Society's role in raising first aid awareness and building skills for effective and quick response...

Jumblatt via Twitter: Do not play with fire!

What a weird theory that punishing, excluding and killing Palestinians helps in the peace process ...These are the ideas of Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kouchner...And the same theory is being applied by the 'son-in-law' in Lebanon to consolidate his hege...

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