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Arab Parliament supports Bahrain’s right to defend its sovereignty

Cairo, Bahrain's parliamentary delegation headed by MP Ahmed Ibrahim Bahzad participated in the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)'s "Current Arab Situation" forum.

The forum concluded in Cairo and issued recommendations to counter the Iranian threat against Arab countries in general and the Arabian Gulf countries in particular, ideologically, intellectually, politically and security-wise.

The IPU affirmed the important role of Arab media in supporting Arab stances in rejection of Iran's meddling in the internal Arab affairs, and reiterated its support to Bahrain's right to defend its sovereignty against Iran's hostile acts aimed at destabilizing the Kingdom's security and stability.

The delegation during the forum raised the issue of Iranian interferences and attempts to infiltrate and acts of terrorism fostered by Iran and aimed to destabilized Bahrain's internal security and to sow sectarian sedition and undermine national unity.

The IPU forum also reaffirmed that the Palestinian cause is the Arabs' central issue and requires more political and diplomatic efforts mustering and pledging resources to prevent its liquidation and reiterated that Al Quds remains the Palestinian State's eternal and sovereign capital.

The IPU forum praised the role of the Arab Coalition in supporting the legitimacy in Yemen, and stressed working in accordance with the agreed reference towards Yemen's peace.

The IPU stressed that Arab-Arab conflicts should be solved peacefully inside the Arab League away from external interferences, in addition to the fact that the ethnic, ideological diversity in Arab countries is source of power and not weakness and that diversity is a divine gift as humankind and nations can be built on political, national foundations supported by faith and against it.

The IPU forum stressed the important role of Arab parliamentarians in development of Arab unity through combating hate discourse as well as extremism and the acceptance of the other, and supporting the efforts of mediation and peaceful settlement of Arab conflicts in cooperation with regional and international organisations.

The forum also stressed the importance of curbing the terrorism finances, organized crime and money laundering. It also stressed the importance of democracy, human rights, governance, empowering youth, and development of inter-Arab relations.

Source: Bahrain News Agency