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House committee and Riachy to hold media conference at Parliament to tackle sector affairs: Hajj Hassan

The Media and Telecommunications House committee convened at the Parliament on Tuesday, under the chairmanship of MP Hussein Hajjj Hassan, in presence of Caretaker Minister of Information, Melhem Riachy.

Speaking to reporters afterwards, Hajj Hassan indicated that the committee lengthily discussed an array of affairs related to the media and information sector, including the administrative appointments at Tele Liban and the National News Agency, in addition to the press liberties.

"After dwelling on these affairs, the committee and Minister Riachy decided to hold a media conference at the Parliament, within the frame of the Media and Telecommunications House committee," Hajj Hassan said.

"Preparations for this conference will kick off soon, with the participation of all the sides concerned with media, to put a vision and a strategic frame for the media sector in Lebanon," he added.

Moreover, Hajj Hassan indicated the committee's next session will focus on cybersecurity.

Source: National News Agency

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