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Rahi from Canada: For mini emergency government independent from blocs, able to carry out reforms imposed by Cedre

Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Rahi said in an interview with the NNA that "none of the parties and parliamentary blocs is budging from their demands. Four months have passed amid government vacuum, and the situation is extremely shameful, especially since we are in the wake of the Cedre Conference held in Paris, where the international community provided 11 and a half billion dollars to help Lebanon restart its economy, at a time when Lebanon is dying economically and financially, contrary to everything politicians say."

"Since there is no moving forward, I insist on forming a mini emergency government independent from all the parliamentary and partisan blocs, including dignitaries capable of carrying out the reforms required by the Cedre, spending the 11 billion dollars and building national unity. After that, they can form a government as should be. I hold on to this solution," he said.

As for Bkirki's failure to invite Christian leaders to meet in the patriarchal edifice to agree on a solution that satisfies all parties, the patriarch said: "They are not willing."

In his NNA interview, Rahi praised "the efforts exerted by the patron of the Maronite community in Canada, Bishop Paul Marwan Tabet, to unite and preserve diversity within unity."

"Our concern is to preserve our Lebanese, Christian and Islamic values and traditions," he said, urging the Lebanese-Canadians to enrich the country that welcomed them and gave them room to achieve their goals.

Source: National News Agency