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A terrorist network dismantled and five people working for Daesh arrested in Mosul

Moscow, Nineveh Intelligence Service, in cooperation with intelligence and counter-terrorism of Nineveh police, announced the dismantling of a terrorist network and the arrest of five people working for Daesh.

"Nineveh intelligence, in cooperation with the intelligence and counter-terrorism of Nineveh police, dismantled a terrorist network and arrested five people working for Daesh who provide them with official documents to mislead the security services and smuggle some of them out of Iraq," a source told NINA.

The source said that "the intelligence service seized the identities of the accused Iraqi nationalities and market licenses and seals, all forged and pens for this purpose, noting that the operation took place in different parts of the left side of Mosul."

A security source said two soldiers were wounded by gunfire by a civilian in the village of Albu Saif, south of Mosul.

The source said the civilian believed that the soldiers belonged to armed groups and wore military uniforms when they raided his house, forcing him to open fire on them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency