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Bassil at New Jersey meeting: Logic of force does not last, unlike logic of justice

Caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Gebran Bassil, regretted the fact "that some parties in Lebanon listen to the outside, while we work on establishing basic rights."

"We are defending the rights of people without any discrimination, because the logic of force at home does not last, but the logic of justice does."

Bassil's speech came during a meeting at the North American Diocese of Antioch in New Jersey, in the presence of a crowd of the Lebanese Diaspora.

"We believe that eastern diversity is a safety valve against unilateralism which threatens us in all its forms," Bassil said.

"What happened at the UNRWA leaves the Palestinian people with no horizon," the Minister said.

"We are expected to migrate so we can be replaced. That is exactly why we are traveling the world to encourage the restoration of nationality," he stressed.

Bassil pursued his meetings at the UN headquarters on the sidelines of his participation in the General Assembly with the Lebanese delegation headed by President Michel Aoun.

He met in this context with a number of counterparts, most notably the foreign ministers of Italy and Palestine.

Source: National News Agency