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Derian during honoring Shamsi: For a national salvation government

President of the Islamic Center in Aysha Bakkar, Ali Noureddine Assaf, hosted at his residence in Shamlan a reception in honor of the UAE Ambassador to Lebanon, Dr Hamad al-Shamsi, attended by Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdel Latif Derian.

The honorary ceremony was also attended by former Prime Minster, Fouad Siniora, former Ministers Khaled Qabbani and Hassan al-Sabaa, in addition to Beirut Governor Judge Ziad Shbib, and scores of dignitaries.

In his delivered word, Mufti Derian thanked the UAE for its gracious support to Lebanon and its institutions, and called on the Lebanese to remain optimistic and help in the salvation process of their country.

The Grand Mufti also saluted the wisdom and persistence of Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri to reach a harmonious and successful government capable of resolving standing problems and crises, voicing support to all his efforts.

Derain called for the formation of a national salvation government since as he said, "Lebanon is need of a swift rescue operation."

He considered that the worsening daily living conditions and the simmering humanitarian, financial and economic situation can only be addressed through an effective government enjoying harmony amongst its ministers.

"We want a government which is orderly in its work and harmonious amongst its members... We need legislations," the Mufti corroborated.

Derian urged all political forces to waive demands for unreasonable ministerial quotas in order to facilitate government formation and rescue the nation.

Source: National News Agency