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Salameh from Economic and Social Council: Lira stable, banking sector solid

Governor of the Central Bank, Riad Salameh, said that "the formation of the government would give a positive signal to the outside," reiterating the stability of the Lebanese pound and the strength of the banking sector.

At a meeting with members of the Economic and Social Council at the headquarters of the Council in Beirut DT, Salameh underscored monetary stability, speaking of "the possibility of scheduling loans in the case of institutions experiencing difficulties, so as to benefit from subsidized loans."

Assuring that the banking sector is solid, Salameh said the Bank had "sufficient liquidity to meet all the financing requirements, and this is essential to pursue our economic march."

"Growth rate in Lebanon is at 2%, and this is acceptable given the reality of the Arab world and its impact on us," he said.

The Central Bank Governor stressed that "strengthening confidence in Lebanon is what will help the economy rise and continue," hoping that "this will be done especially with the formation of the government, soon."

He did not fail to point at the ongoing "campaigns and rumors aimed at spreading confusion in the market."

"The formation of the government gives a vision of the country's economic and financial path and reassures those who finance Lebanon that there is continuity and potential," he assured.

Source: National News Agency