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Hasbani: We call for an emergency cabinet session in wake of the country’s urgent situation

Caretaker Public Health Minister, Ghassan Hasbani, called Saturday for holding an emergency cabinet session in light of the urgent conditions prevailing in the country.

"The Lebanese Forces' demand for an emergency government session is due to the urgent situation in the country that may result in a lot of negative repercussions, such as the existing environmental, social and economic conditions that foreshadow the worst outcome," Hasbani said.

Speaking during an interview to "Orient Radio Station" this morning, Hasbani considered that the time has come for tough decisions to solve all pending problems, yet Lebanon is still comprised of various groups competing for priorities and personal agendas.

"Today, there is no unified vision for the future of the country, no plans, no joint implementation...There is a difference in priorities while narrow disputes control the general situation and easy decisions are not the solution," he added.

Referring to the new government formation, Hasbani indicated that "the Lebanese Forces Party is a guarantee for the real partnership within the government," adding that "ministerial portfolios do not belong to any side to be distributed according to its wish...This is the task of the Prime Minister-designate who is adamant on having a national unity government."

"In line with our political system, there is also a role for the President of the Republic, whereby the Presidency denotes the most important position to ensure public order, and President Michel Aoun has the wisdom and vision to ensure balance between various parties," Hasbani went on.

"We count on the wisdom of President Aoun to take the appropriate decision, for there is no solution if the government is not based on partnership," he underscored, refusing any attempt to cause tension in LF's relation with the President.

Source: National News Agency