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HM the King hails Bahrainis’ loyalty; patriotism

Manama, His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa today saluted the people of Bahrain, hailing their patriotic feelings, sincere belonging and keenness on their country's security, stability, vital interests and hard-won achievements.

He extended deepest thanks to all social segments, citing particularly Government departments, security agencies, community centres (ma'atams) and officials in charge of them.

The royal tribute came in the backdrop of deplorable violations, which marred the Ashoora season, as well as the measures which were undertaken and the sincere patriotic feelings and stances which were expressed by all social segments.

The homeland is a trust whose protection is a responsibility which lies with all people at all walks of life, HM the King said, urging loyal citizens to stand united and thwart the calls of evil, incitement and sedition, which are dictated from abroad to harm the nation.

The love of the homeland, the spirit of belonging and sincere national pride are all innate and represent a religious duty and patriotic responsibility, he said, paying tribute to loyal Bahrainis who spare no efforts to translate these noble feelings tangibly.

He took pride in the patriotic zeal shown by loyal citizens in defending their country's security, safety and sovereignty in difficult times.

He affirmed that the rule of the law would be enforced strictly against those who prey on the homeland and choose to obey foreign directives which are dictated from abroad.

It is the duty of all citizens, without exceptions, to be vigilant and serve as shields to protect the homeland and join ranks to thwart any threat to the nation and deter anyone who attempt to harm Bahrain, said HM the King.

He paid a posthumous tribute to all rulers of Bahrain, hailing their recommendations which are today inspiring the management of the homeland's national interests.

He paid homage to late HM Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al-Khalifa, recalling his memorable patriotic stances, to heed divine precepts and people's rights and take thoughtful decisions to right the wrong and render justice.

HM the King reiterated commitment to following in the steps of fathers and forefathers, complying with long-standing recommendations, which are engraved in the national and historic annals.

HM the King stressed the need to turn the page, adding that the violations which marred the Ashoora season have ended now that the perpetrators have been identified and legal measures taken.

HM the King said that the violations should not be repeated to mar such venerated religious occasions, hailing Bahrainis' lofty ethics and dedication in thwarting divisive calls.

Source: Bahrain News Agency