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Joint Statement on Human Rights Council’s Failure to Achieve Draft Resolution Consensus on Yemen 2 Geneva

The statement stressed that the clear division that emerged today when the Human Rights Council adopted the resolution submitted by the above-mentioned states (The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg and Ireland), which was passed by less than half of the members of the Council, lacked the consent of the concerned State itself and disregarded Yemen's sovereign right to give its consent to cooperate with international resolutions that deal directly with the

human rights situation on its own territory, in spite of the keenness and cooperation shown by the delegation of Yemen and the delegations of the concerned countries to reach a consensus formula that reflects the unity of the international community towards the situation in Yemen and to ensure the full cooperation of the legitimate Yemeni government to implement the resolution contained in resolution.

In light of the non-cooperation and bullheadedness of the abovementioned States, the Arab Group stated its

commitment to submit, under item 10 of the Human Rights Council's agenda, its draft resolution, in which

it calls on the Office of the High Commissioner to continue providing technical assistance and capacity building

for the Yemeni legitimate government and the Yemeni National Commission of Inquiry; the

resolution which was adopted by consensus among Human Rights Council Member States and obtained the consent of the States

concerned and their willingness to cooperate towards its implementation.

Source: Saudi Press Agency