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Qubad Talabani Receives Australian Ambassador, Discusses Forming The New Federal Govt And Steps Of Reform Taken By Provincial

BAGHDAD, Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KDP) Qubad Talabani discussed with Australian Ambassador Joanna Lundez the formation of the new federal government and the steps of reform adopted by the provincial government and relations with Australia.

Talabani said during the meeting, according to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan: "The Kurdistan region and Iraq in general are going through a new phase, so all parties must take the next steps in accordance with the public good, pointing out that the reform steps taken by the Kurdistan Regional Government have gone through good stages and will continue.

For her part, the Australian Ambassador expressed her country's readiness to support the provincial government, especially in the fields of agriculture, water resources and education, pointing out that the current stage is the stage of taking practical reform steps in Iraq.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency