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The Kingdom is Keen to Take Care of its Citizens at Home and Abroad, Speaker of Shura Council Told World Parliamentarians 2 Geneva

The Speaker of the Shura Council of Saudi Arabia called to an end of the prolonging conflict witnessed in the region whereas the Palestinian people suffered from the Israeli occupied practices which are against the international legitimate resolutions, affirming that the Palestinian Cause is at the top priority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia policies based on the international legitimate resolutions, the Arab Peace Initiative and establishment the Palestinian State on the basis of the 1967 parallel with Al-Quds as its capital.

He added that the Kingdom is committed to contribute to achieve the goals of the sustainable development which is in accordance with the Kingdom Vision 2030.

Al Al-Sheikh pointed out the importance of collective action to narrow the gap between developed and developing countries in the multiple development fields in Asia and Europe.

Source: Saudi Press Agency