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Aoun meets British Commons House and Lords delegation, says Lebanon welcomes investments in all sectors

President Michel on Thursday indicated that after stability at the security level had been clinched in Lebanon, efforts must now focus on improving the ailing the economic situation.

"Economy-wise, Lebanon is open to the brotherly and friendly countries, and it welcomes investments in all sectors, especially in the fields of oil and gas exploration," he said.

Aoun made these remarks during his meeting at Baabda palace with Chairman of the British Parliamentary Committee for Friendship with Lebanon, MP John Hayes, accompanied by a delegation from the House of Commons and British Lords.

The President maintained to his guests that the provision of international aid to the displaced Syrians once they move back to Syria would encourage the refugees to return home, renewing calls not to wait for the political solution to the Syrian crisis.

Aoun also invited Britain to carry on assisting Lebanon at the level of security.

"It would be a good thing if you offer help in other fields as well, especially at the level of economy and investment," Aoun said to his guests.

For his part, Hayes highly valued the Lebanese-British friendship ties.

Source: National News Agency

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